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Well let’s see, I’m a fan of lying in the sun until nicely toasted, engaging in real-life Jedi training, co-opting other people’s dogs at local parks, and enjoying the collective radiance of my stellar friends and family.

When I’m not doing that, I facilitate individuals, couples and organizations through disorienting and often difficult transitions in order to arrive at new levels of revelation, satisfaction and high-functionality. Fundamentally, my goal is to actualize and integrate chunks of your latent potential, moving you toward a state of full thriving. It’s quite technical…

To serve this goal, I founded the vision of Empowered Journey in 2009, creating a hub from which to begin offering formalized services.

Along with the EmbodyAwesome and League of Awesomeness organizations, Empowered Journey is a portal through which I can take action on two urges close to my heart: the draw to explore and express my creative potential, and the call to beautify and uplift the world around me.

Now as to some detail about me, I offer you three lenses to look through.


For those of you who find substance in laurels and lauds: Proficiencies and Qualifications

 Life Coaching and Deep Changework (CTI, 200 hours)
 Interchange Counseling (Interchange, 200 hours)
 Mindfulness Training, Insight Meditation (IMS, 500 hours)
Process-Oriented Psychology & Somatic Psychology (200 hours)

 Behavioral Modification, Peak-Performance and State-of-Being Techniques (150 hours)
 Yoga Alignment, Breath and Posture (Ashtanga, Viniyoga, Shivananda, Kriya, 500 hours)
 Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Resilience Training (285 hours)
 Kinesiology, Functional Movement and Neuro-Physiology (300 hours)
 Ritual Work, Expressive Arts Work (200 hours)
 Interval Fitness Training (200 hours)
 Leadership Training (CTI, 205 hours)
 Entrepreneurship and Career Empowerment (200 hours)
 Permaculture & Living Systems Theory and Management (Sirius, Auroville, Edible Forest Gardens, 500+ hours)
 Grief and Bereavement Training (Josie’s Place, 100 hours)
 Transformational NLP (NLPMarin, 72 hours)


For those of you who put little weight in statistics and accolades, but in the words of those already journeyed: My Yelp Reviews




And for those of you who prefer not make decisions based on another’s experience, but on your own: An Invitation

An hour offered to you to meet and assess what’s happening, what you want, and potential ways to get from here to there.

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For those interested in some narcissism: My Backstory

My own empowered journey began 15 years ago, with a lot of pain, confusion, fear and aloneness.

Given the reality of cause and effect, my journey actually started long before this, with a slow accumulation of hidden yet potent factors that culminated in the pivotal moment I am labeling ‘the beginning’.

But for the sake of this narrative, my journey began 15 years ago, in pain.

Leading up to this moment, I had been a healthy, intelligent, engaged and acheiving, middle-class youth. I feel honored and blessed to say that my parents worked hard to create a safe and loving environment for my young self.

I had always quested, always had a curious, penetrating mind that built creative lego fortresses, dismantled old clocks and radios, peeled back bark, turned over rocks, and basically wanted to know how it all worked.

Add to this curious mind a high-energy, athletically skilled and coordinated body, and you had a combo that for my parents was both very loveable and very exhausting.

So it was a major, destabilizing shock when at the age of 19 I experienced an onslaught of painful changes: losing the love of my young life, flunking out of college, gaining 50+ pounds, falling into depression and dissociation, and ultimately developing a mysterious disease of internal inflammation and infections that left me doubting the mind and body that had once been my anchor to this life.

This was the beginning of my empowered journey.

7 years of seeking and healing followed, a period I will call ‘fierce grace’ (to borrow from Ram Das). I was incredibly fortunate to find many teachers, some that helped me heal my mind, and some that helped me heal my body; this phase contained a lot of ‘growing pains’, to put it mildly. I’m happy to speak in more depth and detail about this period if you ask me directly =)

This phase culminated in a healing and recovery of my mind and body, along with an unexpected bonus: I had fallen in love with my life again…I had reawoken to inner purpose.

It was at this point that I realized what I wanted most was to 1) fully realize all the latent potential within me and 2) be a supportive presence for others to do the same.

These two core aspirations brought me, by way of adventurous paths, into contact with two unique beings that would become pivotal teachers for me, one from Siberia and one from the Peruvian Amazon. Though they taught me very different modalities, they were both giving me the understandings, toolsets and guidance to fulfill the two aspirations mentioned above. And after 3 years of intensive training, they each blessed my work and sent me out into the world (I lovingly refer to this period as being ‘kicked out of the nest’).

Within the 5 years since then, I have continued to develop skillsets that effectively help people heal and empower their bodies, minds and lives, and launched two businesses aimed at delivering these services.

Aaaaand of course, there is so so so much more texture and complexity to the last 15 years of my life, which I am happy to share with you over a good cup of tea =) 

And for those still reading: A Bit MoreArya

• Current Favorite People: Elon Musk; John Oliver
• Current Movies: Indie Game; Don’t Think Twice; Her
• Current Books/Authors: Expanse Series; Zero to One; The Stormlight Archive
• Current Songs/Groups: MIA; the Beatles; Blue Scholars
• Current Video Games/Board Games: Dixit; Armello; Guns of Icarus
• Current TV: A Series of Unfortunate Events; Scrubs (again)
• Current Activities: home improvement; spring gardening (!!); yoga class at the sweet local studio

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