The Path of Love Couples Coaching and Counseling to Heal Old Hurts, Enrich Intimacy and Create a Visionary Relationship

Path of Love

Satisfying romantic relationship does not simply happen; it is cultivated. The Path of Love is here to help you and your beloved design and co-create the relationship that you truly long for, by training 4 distinct yet complementary skills: Rediscovering Love, Empowering Communication, Healing Old Hurts and Creating From Intimacy.

Rediscovering Love: Again and again, learning how to disarm the alarm of the moment and return to the core feelings of love, admiration and attraction that sustains visionary relationship

Empowering Communication: Putting an end to blame and shame dynamics, instead bringing deepened understanding, trust and intimacy

Healing Old Hurts: Leveraging the vulnerability inherent in romantic relationship to heal the old hurts you have carried with you through your life, leading to greater ease, joy and freedom

Creating From Intimacy: Using connection, trust and intimacy as a springboard, learning how to imagine and implement new creative possibilities and thus profoundly enhancing your life and world


Create Love!

I recommend that couples interested the Path of Love fill out the form below to schedule a consultation session with me. I have found this to be the most effective way of getting all your questions/concerns addressed and figuring out the best next steps.

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