The Path of Purpose A Potent Mix of Coaching, Counseling and Training

Hero's Path

Your journey awaits...the possibility of real and lasting change.

My own journey has brought me through 16 years of training in the science and art of change-management. Refined through 6 years spent working with hundreds of clients, an effective approach to wellness and excellence has been created that interweaves 3 distinct yet complementary modalities: Purpose Coaching, Depth Counseling and Vitality Training.

Purpose Coaching: Maximizing success and satisfaction in your life, by discovering your personal sense of purpose and exploring your unique blueprint for behavioral excellence and achievement

Depth Counseling: Uprooting self-sabotaging behaviors at their source, leading to healing, ease and freedom

Vitality Training: Learning simple techniques–tailored to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle–that maximize the health, resourcefulness and potency of all mind-body systems


The Payoff What It's All For

When we experience a moment where all parts of ourselves line up–physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively–we feel awesome: present, engaged, purposeful, connected. We call this a moment of ‘aliveness’, ‘flow’, ‘expansiveness’, or just simply ‘yes!’

Our journey as evolving humans is to recognize, enhance and stabilize these moments of aliveness into a cohesive whole–a pattern of life as flowing and expansive.

Doing this leads unavoidably to a life experience that is rich, engaged, balanced, purposeful, passionate and full of presence, connection and love in the most real sense. And these outcomes are totally reasonable and attainable; in fact, this is our natural state–the one we are designed for.


Is This Work For Me?

Well, are any of these painful experiences limiting your satisfaction and success?

Stress and Burnout

∴ Negativity at home and work drowning out your life enjoyment, meaningful relationships and even health.

Weak or Inconsistent Energy

∴ Knowing you are capable of so much more, but at times slogging through dull, fatigued, and unreliable energy.

Low Self-Worth

∴ Giving away your energy to old patterns and draining relationships, missing great opportunities by playing the defeated doormat.


∴ Life-work balance all but vaporized due to hyper-focus, insurmountable agendas and compulsive action that leaves little room for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


∴ Waking up to a life that doesn't feel like your own, and wondering where that sense of meaning and purpose went.

Fear of Change

∴ Realizing you have gotten caught in a pattern of playing it safe, playing small or not even playing at all.


Potential Benefits How You Will Grow Through the Program

Radical Self-Fulfillment

∴ Ignite your life as it is meant to be–with personalized purpose and the fulfillment that comes from acting on it.

Stress Relief

∴ Immediately clear stress, fatigue, resistance and negative patterns whenever they arise.

Socio-Emotional Resilience

∴ Be unphased by the negative actions, words and energy of co-workers, other people and environments through simple mind, body and breath training.

Energized Self

∴ Learn techniques to energize your sense of self such that previously overwhelming tasks, situations and relationships become workable, even fun =)

On-Demand Inspiration

∴ Quickly and reliably tap focus, creativity and mental clarity to create time– and energy–efficient choices.

Life Balance and Spaciousness

∴ Strike a fulfilling balance in your daily life, nourishing all parts of your multi-dimensional self by understanding personal values, needs and passions and acting in alignment with them.

Self-Sourced Abundance

∴ Develop the capacity to source your outer prosperity from the inexhaustible well of inner satisfaction and creative action.

Visionary Living

∴ See and live your inspired vision from a place of clarity, confidence and trust.

A Committed Super-Sidekick

∴ Benefit from the continual one-on-one support of a Life Coach, Counselor and Personal Trainer in one!


Program Structure, Program Contents and My Role

How I Structure the Path of Purpose Program

∴ We begin with a 45-minute consultation session at no cost to you
∴ If after the consultation we decide to work together, we do so for an initial period of 2-3 months (negotiable)
∴ We meet weekly at my home office in Richmond or my Berkeley office, typically for 75-minute sessions
∴ We create weekly actionable commitments based on your short and long-term goals
∴ I create detailed notes each session capturing main points covered each session, and send them to you in pdf format over email
∴ Many of these structures can be fine tuned in relation to your personality, learning habits and desired exchange

My Role in Your Work

As your personal coach, counselor and trainer, it’s my job to:

∴ Help you discover your unique blueprint of meaningful aliveness and creative flow
∴ Train you to experience this state more often, more deeply and for more sustained periods
∴ Ultimately guide you to sourcing your entire life from this place of aliveness and flow as an organizing intelligence, self-generating fuel source, and deeply satisfying experience

Choice of Program Packages

Package options include:
∴ Detailed session notes capturing main points covered each session
∴ Outside-of-session support: texts and emails for moments of struggle, questions and general support
∴ Priority on-call phone support: your dedicated advocate one call away
∴ Personalized training videos of any technique covered in session: breath work, movement, meditations, etc.

Engage Change!

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