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Path of Vitality

It's time to revitalize fitness. It's time for fitness to be a way of living in harmony with your body and life; a way of being comfortable in your own skin; a way of harnessing the creative energy within your body to empower whole life changes. Welcome to a new way of working out.

I call this approach 'Integrative Fitness', which you can understand through three primary aspects:

Embodiment: fall back in love with your own body, through rediscovering your joy of movement, of exertion, of simply being

Variance Training: life is unpredictable, changeable, chaotic. Variance training is fitness built on this understanding of life, using variable, interval-based, bodyweight-focused sequences in dynamic outdoor environments to optimize your vitality

Creative Fitness: using your upgraded vitality as a springboard for creating profound whole-life upgrades



I will train you to:

∴ Start from the basics: aligned posture, functional movement, supportive breathing
∴ Free yourself from the need of weights, unnecessary apparatii, and gym fees
∴ Instead, learn to use your body as an all-inclusive adaptive workout system
∴ Understand the building blocks of a balanced workout, and learn to create fun and challenging exercise routines
∴ Discern the difference between gain pain and strain pain: the discomfort of growth and the hurt of injury
∴ Create an optimistic and fulfilling relationship with your body, your workout and your fitness lifestyle overall
∴ Use your workout as a launchpad for comprehensive life tuning and excellence

Get Fit! Now Is The Time!

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What is one *physical goal* that you are setting for yourself in the coming two months? How will you define and measure this 'physical fitness goal'?
Examples: dropping 10 pounds, having more glowing skin and eyes, being able to do 20 push ups in a row...

What is one *metaphysical goal* that you are setting for yourself in the coming two months and beyond? How will you define and measure this 'metaphysical fitness goal'?
Examples: getting over my ex and forgiving myself, building the confidence I need for my career transition, leaping into writing the first 3 chapters of my book–even though the idea scares me...

What are some challenging conditions you may face during your training?
Examples: over-eating, depression, old injuries, not being a morning person, lack of self-confidence...

Unique abilities you bring to your training:
Examples: infectious optimism, rocking hand-stands, honesty, raw fooding/nutrition, humor...

Forms of encouragement and feedback that work best for you:
Examples: demonstrating vs. telling, touch/physical adjustment vs. verbal adjustment, direct corrections during a workout vs. waiting until after, etc.

Past/current injuries or 'trouble areas':

Past/current physical fitness practices:
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